Ok, this product is a combination of completely gross and kind of awesome at the same time.  But honestly, I'm leaning more towards the gross end on this one.

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Not only is there self-cleaning underwear, but there are other clothing products too.

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This question came up when the founder, Wen Muenyi was on a trip to Iceland, "Why does one shirt smell bad after one day and another after a few hours?" This question pushed into other pieces of clothing, all in order to actually pack really light.  Really, get as much into a backpack that you can, and then you are way more portable than you would have been if you were bringing something to wear for each day. This way, you can wear your clothes multiple days. Yes, including your underwear.  I still think it's a bit gross.

But here's how it works:

HercFiber is not just one material, but a type of material that's specific combination depends on the product. In general, HercFiber is made with at least two components including a metal like copper, silver, or zinc infused in a material like cotton, recycled polyester or bamboo, and a core fabric that achieves the user experience goals we're developing.

Ok, I get that it might not smell... but does it actually mean that it's clean?  Or that it's self-cleaning?  I'm not fully on board with that.... it's probably just a mind-set, but I still think it's a little gross.  And I would feel compelled to smell that materials.  That's gross too, but I would want to check to make sure, right??

Anyway, this guy was on Shark Tank presenting his products this past Friday night, February 12th.  You can check out the episode through the streaming service here.

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