In case you haven't heard, Minnesota state patrol is cracking down hard on distracted driving. "Stay focused" is the message and State Patrol is out in force to catch distracted drivers.

Tuesday, a trooper pulled over a guy in rush hour traffic, watching the TV show "Law and Order".  Another driver was sending emails in rush hour traffic on Interstate 94. both of these distracted drivers were cited.

On Wednesday, a 21 year old driver was pulled over on I-94 by Fergus Falls while using Snapchat.  He was also ticketed. In the same general area a 25 year old driver was given a ticket for shopping on Amazon while driving a commercial vehicle.


In Moorhead, local law enforcement are riding around in school buses and looking down into cars looking for people texting, etc. When they spot someone on their phone the radio ahead and have a squad car pull them over.

This extra distracted driving enforcement continues through April.  Be careful out there.Minnesota's hands free law goes into effect August 1st.

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