It seems this was one of those love stories that was bound to take a turn for the worse. Luckily, this woman had a series of red flags and in the end, things worked out nicely.

This woman met her boyfriend and all seemed okay despite the fact that his parents, who happened to be very rich and snobby, made it perfectly clear that they didn't think that she was good enough for their son.

She explained that that never bothered her. She was in love with her boyfriend and figured they could work through her future in law problems and be happy.


Once they were engaged, she said, things changed. Her fiance became very controlling, verbally abusive and would tell her that he was "settling" and could do better than her.

At this point, she was trying to figure out how to end this engagement and move on with her life. As luck would have it, her fiance's mother called her one day and offered her ten thousand dollars to leave her son and never come back.

Well, she took the deal and broke the engagement and was off with her ten grand. I really thing she could have held out for more.

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