So, you are throwing a party for your child for his birthday.  You want to make it a great day for him.  How about go-karts?  By the way, the go-kart place is 80 miles round-trip.  And also, there will be a lunch for everyone too.  Sounds like a good day, right?  Well, not when the guests are all being charged for all of the activities above.

Birthday Cupcakes
Joanne Ingate, Thinkstock

This mom is getting slammed by pretty much everyone that had a child invited to this party.  If you are going to give your child a party, generally you don't charge them.  They need to bring a gift, generally, and that is their part.  But this mother not only charged each kid an exorbitant amount of money...but she also expected them to bring their own lunch, and enough for her kid (birthday boy) too!  And charged for the transportation too.  In fact, some people think that she was over charging to MAKE money on this deal.  She also requested that each party-goer give Amazon gift cards as the birthday gift.

This seems like a great way to have NO ONE show up at your kid's birthday.  This is beyond tacky.


Would you bring your child to this party?  Poor kid....

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