Here we go, when this style showed up, you had to know that someone was going to cause a stink. The issue this time is crop tops.  Now, I will admit that when I saw this style come back I was like, "really?  It's like half a shirt". But it isn't something that I would wear... inappropriate for me... I'm too old. K-Leigh Taylor K-Leigh Taylor

But here we have someone else on the other side of this. What is too young for the crop top look? A mom called out Minnesota based Target on social media for marketing crop tops for here 6 year old.  Apparently the clothing was in the girls section, when it should probably be more in the teen section of the store.  The complaint was on social media and she received both support and criticisim for her post.

Personally, looking at this, it looks like the top would come down to the waist of a 6 year old, but not seeing it in person, it could be misleading.  And honestly, little kids wear swim suits that are two peices with belling hanging out and everyone thinks it's cute.  I would have more of an issue with a teenager wearing these... if I were to have an issue at all.  Which I probably wouldn't.  But that's me.

If you think about it, in the past, when crop tops first hit the scene, they were mostly for men in gyms. They showed the abs.  I see that now it's SO 80s.  But that's when it was happening.  I don't see too many guys in crop tops anymore.

Do you think crop tops are sexualizing young girls.. in this case a 6 year old?

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