So I travel alot! Probably 4-5 times a year. A couple road trips in the summer and fly out when its cold. When in the car, I don't have any worry about my stuff (and thank God for GPS or I'd get lost along the way). But when flying, I ALWAYS CHECK MY STUFF. Montel appearntly rolls thru TSA packin, because he was busted yesterday at Milwaukee International Airport.

This bothers me for 2 reasons. 1) He is a card carrying Medicinal Marijuana user in California. If he is allowed to smoke in CA, what is he supposed to do outside of the state? And 2) He publicly suffers from MS. which Marijuana is know to greatly ease the symptoms.

I'm not re-opening the 'Legalize Marijuana' debate so please hold your comments. What I do wanna say is, it's Montel Williams. He has MS. He certainly was not using in public. SO WHATS THE PROBLEM?!?!

Turns out all he had to do was pay a small fine. Overheard was a member of his entourage yelling "Why can't you let a brotha smoke". Or maybe it was just the voices in my head.

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