Rain was the name of the game for day 2 of Moondance Jam in Walker, Minnesota.  But you know, everyone took that one in stride.  Yes, it would have been better had it not been rainy and wet and muddy.  But the show did go on as scheduled, and everyone had a great time and put on amazing shows.  Funny thing- for the most part the rain let up to just a light drizzle for most of the shows.

Lita 3


Lita Ford was concerned about the weather.  It was pouring right before she was due to go on at 5.  And just as she was set to perform, it basically let up.  Then started again as soon as she was wrapping up.  Someone was watching out for her... the spirit of Bill Bieloh, perhaps?

Lita 1

It's crazy how some people just walk around the area with a poncho on, or not, and just continue as if nothing was different.  Me- being the wussy person I am, would have liked it not to be muddy, or wet, or cold.  That isn't asking for too much, is it?  One poor soul was trying to balance her fries, drink and ketchup cup... that didn't work too well.


Kid Rock takes the stage tonight at 9pm.  Otherwise, another day of awesome music here in Walker, Minnesota and Moondance Jam!


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