The other day I was reflecting back on my 12 year career as a bartender. This was before I made the move to radio. So many stories to tell and a lot of them I can't tell for one reason or another.

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One of my first jobs as a bartender was in Moorhead, Mn. A crazy rock bar called the Zodiac. This place was totally out of control on any given night. I was working the door one night and people would always complain about the cover charge. I had this great idea to put up a sign that said DOLLARS AGAINST DISCO and people not only happily paid the cover but often paid extra.

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Later on, I moved to Southern California and worked at The La Jolla Country Club. This country club was made up of 400 millionaires, some were famous. On any Saturday night members would show up for a black tie party, dressed to the nines. By midnight, after they were good and liquored up, it could just as well been a truck stop bar. Bar fights would always break out.  Yes, alcohol, the great equalizer.

When I moved to Houston, Texas, I worked at a really nice hotel bar. The Encore Lounge.  ZZ Top's Dusty Hill was a regular customer. He would often come in with his girlfriend. You may remember her from the "Legs" video. Anyway, a lot of our clientele were Japanese businessmen. I'd laugh because they would think that Dusty's girlfriend was a hooker and wink at her..  It kind of looked that way since Dusty looked kind of rough and here he was with this Danish model. A fair assumption, I guess.

I'll share more of these stories as I remember them. Bottoms up!

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