As an early gift for Christmas, my mother got me a monthly subscription for Direct Wine Cellars. Being the wine fanatic that I am, I’d say it’s been a rather exceptional gift. I receive two bottles of quality wine every month for the subscription.

Of course, I basically drink them the moment I get them because I have no impulse control. I received my wine two days ago, and by last night I had consumed both bottles. This is what I had.

  • Rose Ridge Cabernet

This guy is an Australian made red wine. Pronounced bold flavors consisting of cassis and black fruit. Quite dry with a sour tinge, and also relatively strong at 13.5% alcohol content. Not for everyone, but I dig it.

  • Bruna Zweigelt

This is a red Austrian wine, and to be completely honest it resembles the Rose Ridge Cabernet in most respects. Potent and bold, but slightly less sweet than the cabernet. There are tints of spice and cinnamon. Again, at 13.5% alcohol content it’s not for the faint of heart.

All and all, although they’re both strong, dry wines, I’d recommend them to the aspiring wine connoisseur.

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