When moving to a new area, there's so much to know. So I figured I'd ask those who know the area! Here's what we're wondering about...

We are very social and love to enjoy great food, people, and fun. Our life has been pretty secluded living on the lake for the past few years. There's no options for getting food delivered, and nightlife is pretty much the small bar down the road. We have our 2 dogs and love to get them out on walks, going bike riding, and enjoying the warm outdoors. With that, what do you recommend we check out in Sartell?

  1. Where to go to have some cocktails?
  2. Best place to hang out with friends?
  3. Food delivery. Who's got awesome food, that delivers?
  4. Going out for dinner. Where do you recommend?
  5. Is there a great trail for biking and taking the dogs for walks?
  6. DJ, live music. What's hopping on the weekends?
  7. Is there a cool place my 14 year old son would love to hang out?

Anything else you think we should know about, be sure and comment below, we're excited to get the lowdown!!

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