Halloween has been cancelled in some states.  So far, it's still on here in Minnesota.  I mean, if they cancelled this deal that would just be super unfortunate.  Especially since it's the holiday that actually encourages people to wear masks.  Granted, not the same type of mask... but still a mask.


Cap'n Crunch has come out with a new cereal just for the holiday.  Before all we had for those types of cereals were Boo Berries, Franken Berries and  Count Chocula.  But now, Cap'n Crunch has gotten in on that deal.  AND the ghosts in the cereal turn the milk green.  To me, that sounds pretty unappetizing, but to each their own.  I'm not one of those people who like to drink the milk at the bottom of the bowl.  Gross.  But, this cereal is available.  And depending on where you get it from, the cost varies.  I've seen prices ranging from $7 to $3 and some change.  The $3 one was at Target.  The $7 one was some site online.  I would advise against that one.

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This holiday may look a little different as well.  As far as trick or treating, the recommendations are that kids don't go from house to house, ringing the doorbell and waiting for someone to give you some candy.  The suggestion is that only one person be on candy duty, wash your hands between trick or treat  visits and wear gloves.  Might be a little easier to just fill up candy bags and put them on the front steps with a note saying please take one.. .just one per person.  That one could get a bit tricky, however.  But it does seem like the safest route.

We still have a few weeks, so we will see what happens here in St. Cloud.  But in the meantime, pick up some fun Cap'n Crunch Halloween cereal.  Green Milk... mmmmm

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