Minneapolis based Target stores have unveiled a new Levi Strauss and Co and it's not a denim or jeans line.

Target Corp. Reported A 4 percent increase in second-quarter profits
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This new, limited-edition line will be launched the end of February, and will spread out throughout the rest of the country to 500 of it's stores by this Fall.  The new line, although it's Levi's will be focused on home decor.  The description says that it will feature "durable pieces meant to inspire a more sustainable home and life".  Basically the same thing they say about their jeans.

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Specifically the new line will include things like pillows, some furniture, pet supplies and some apparel for everyone including kids and infants.  It almost seems like there could just be a Levi's store just for this stuff.  Like, in my opinion, why go through Target?  They could just have their own specialized store or boutique.  But I suppose using the traffic that Target receives would be the reason.  And I'm guessing that the overhead cost would be lower as well.

A couple of years ago, Target introduced the Magnolia Home line.  It has it's own section within Target.  Magnolia line is a division of the Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV show 'Fixer Upper'.  I'm thinking that this line might also be run in a similar way.

The new line also has a humanitarian focus.  According to Bring Me the News,

...incorporating non-profits that specialize in ending illegal child labor (Goodweave), promoting farmers and protecting the environment (Fair Trade USA), and ensuring wood products come from forests that are managed responsibly (FSC Wood certification)

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