This weekend every action hero ever blows stuff up, the weirdo next door saves the town, a childless couple grows a kid in the garden and a young singer overcomes the trappings of Motown fame and fortune.

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The Expendables 2 - Sly, Arnold, Jason, Jet, Dolph, Bruno, Terry and Randy are joined by Jean Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris. Do you really care what the plot is?

ParaNorman - From the makers of Coraline and Corpse Bride. Norman can see dead people but no one believes him, and he's relentlessly teased about it. But when an ancient curse lets loose zombies, only Para-Norman can save the town.

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green - A couple comes to grips with the fact that they will never have a child by burying a box in their garden filled with notes describing what their child would be like... Only to have the amazing Timothy appear on their doorstep the next morn.

Sparkle - A musical prodigy struggles to become a Motown star, while overcoming issues tearing her family apart. Whitney Houston stars in her final on-screen performance.

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