We've been hearing so much news over the last few years about emotional support animals.  Generally when you hear about that, what comes to mind in generally a dog.  Sometimes a cat.  And on a rare occasion maybe a bird.  Like a bird that can be in a cage.  But over the last couple of years, it seems that this situation has gotten out of hand.

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People were trying to pass of pigs, ducks, geese, a snake on occasion, a peacock, and other exotic animals as emotional support animals.  Somehow the airlines have deemed this as taking advantage of the situation.  Really?  I can't see how (sarcasm).  But now, Minnesota based Delta airlines, along with some others, will no longer be allowing "emotional support" animals.  But, they will allow service animals, with the proper documentation.

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This went into effect on January 11th.

“We applaud the DOT for making this change and acknowledging the concerns that Delta and many other stakeholders have raised for the past several years,” said Allison Ausband – S.V.P., In-Flight Service. “The DOT’s final rule enables airlines to put the safety of all employees and customers first, while protecting the rights of customers who need to travel with trained service animals.”  

If you happened to have a trip booked before January 11th, for a later date, you will still be able to fly with your pet.  If you booked a trip after that date, then you won't be able to bring them on the flight with you. You can, of course, put them in a pet carrier and have them in the animal hold area.  I have always had my questions about that area.  I mean, I've seen pets that have been unloaded like luggage, and their owners come and pick them up.  But it just seems weird.  I think if I were having to bring a pet along on a trip, I'd just drive.

You can check out all of the new rules here.

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