So- if pet stores in Minnesota are leaning towards no pets that have come from puppy mills, does this mean the it's safe to buy from the pet store again?

New Laws For Pet Welfare To Come Into Force
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For years we have been hearing about how one should never buy a dog or cat from a pet store because they come from a mill.  Now, understand that while yes, you are saving a pet from possibly being abandoned, euthanized, or mistreated, you are also supporting the mill-bred animals.  So these types of treatments can and will probably continue.  It's always best to buy from an actual breeder

But now we get the news that St. Paul and some other pet stores in Minnesota are leaning towards no taking in any animals that have been mill-bred.  If this happens, I feel like it might be safer to buy your next puppy or kitten at the pet store.  They also have adoption days where they bring in available animals from local shelters that need homes.  Try and get one of those, if you can.


But until this actually goes into effect- Still seek out a great breeder, or find a pet that you can adopt.

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