I've been hearing about this for weeks...maybe even months.  People freaking out because their phone is automatically contact tracking you and it's another government control issue.  I'm sure you have seen and/or heard about the settings on your phone showing the COVID-19 information.

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And while, it is true that the settings have been changed, and you can actually find this information already on your smart phone, it is still something that you would have to actually opt in for; then you would have to download an app for it to work.

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There has been a lot of questions surrounding this subject.  I saw the "verify" segment on KARE 11.  They go through what the process is to have contact tracking or tracing, and they have it verified with both Apple and Google.

And here's the other thing... if at any time you decide that you don't want to have the tracing on your phone, you can just as easily deactivate it.  You have to opt in or out of the tracking device.  It's not automatically on or off.  Both of those situations are up to the user/owner of the smartphone.

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