Every year there is a nation wide contest looking for the Hottest Women in Radio, hosted by PopCrunch. This year, let's get LQ from Baxter's Morning SideShow on that list!!

TownSquare Media - St. Cloud is lucky to have  many beautiful women working inside the building; not all of us have faces for Radio. Lynn would be a great representation of St. Cloud Radio. She's pretty hot, admit it! I know LQ wouldn't push this herself; so as her co-worker and friend, I am doing this for her! A very modest LQ! If you agree that LQ is smokin hot - go nominate her!

CLICK HERE to nominate LQ for The Hottest Women in Radio.

When filling out the nomination card:

1-Name: Lynn Quale

2-Email: LQ@1037theloon.com

2-Website: 1037theloon.com

3-Comment that you are nominating Lynn Quale from Baxter's Morning SideShow on 103.7 The Loon St. Cloud, MN.

Nominations are like votes--fill out that form as many times as you can!!! Deadline for entries is March 23rd, so we only have a week to get LQ in the Top 50!! Last but not least, share this page and have others nominate LQ!!

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