This shouldn't come as a surprise at all given the weather that we have had the last couple of weeks with more snow to come next week as well.  Good grief!  It's like driving through a snow tunnel on the way to work today.  And if you see the conditions on I-94 with all of the crashes and pile-ups you would think this kind of weather was something new.  Ok... well, it generally only happens maybe once a winter, but this is crazy.

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People plowing out their own driveways multiple times yesterday.  But on the other hand, during weather like this, everyone is in the same boat, and generally everyone comes together and is much more neighborly than maybe other times during the year.  Rally!!!  It's Snowmageddon!

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The one bright spot is that we are only weeks away from Spring  So, let's get through this and enjoy everything else that Minnesota has to offer.  There is a reason we all live here and deal with this stuff, because the change of seasons is exactly what we all love.

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Now, hunker down, make some comfort food, watch some movies in front of the fire and enjoy this wonderful Minnesota Winter.

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Snow is pretty... snow is pretty... snow is pretty....

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