Johnny U.  What are ya doin'?  Friday mornings John pops in and does his little comedy bit right around 7:35 every week.  And some weeks, let's be honest, are better than others.  But this week he must have known that his jokes were going to be overly terrible, because he tired to bribe us with food.

Partially eaten McMuffin. Photo: Laura Bradshaw
Partially eaten McMuffin.
Photo: Laura Bradshaw

Both Baxter and I were given breakfast sandwiches.  Now, I'm more than happy to accept the delicious food, especially breakfast food.  But it still doesn't make his jokes any better.

He actually did tell another joke, it was a golf joke.  Of course it was.  But the season is ending soon... and so will the golf joke.  I'm guessing, anyway.  I did't even record that joke in the video above.  The hardware store was bad enough!

Until next week when Johnny U will be back with at least one, maybe two more jokes.  And maybe some breakfast sandwiches.

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