With Summer here, people will be hitting the road for their Summer activities. If one of those activities is toking up before you get in your car, this is obviously a bad idea.

A real sobering piece of news is that 7 out of 10 Americans think it's unlikely that police will stop someone for driving while high. I find this hard to believe but many think they are probably right.

AAA did a study that found 15 million drivers in the last 30 days have gotten behind the wheel within an hour of smoking pot or using edibles. This can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving or texting while driving.


Unlike alcohol, testing for marijuana cannot be done with a breathalyzer and requires a blood test. Even that is fairly inaccurate since pot can stay in you system for days or weeks after the high is gone.

Men are more likely to drive while high and millennials as a group are more like than any other age group.

Today's pot isn't like your grandfather's pot. It is 10 times stronger than pot from the 70's and other THC products can be 3 times stronger than that.

So, feel free to fire one up, but stay put, order a pizza or something and enjoy the ride, just not behind the wheel.

(Source, Pixabay)

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