Finally, there have been restrictions that have been loosened in Minnesota as a whole.  BUT, with that said, the mask thing is still required, or mandated as it were.  We do go out to dinner. You do still need to sign in, or make a reservation at a lof of places in St. Cloud.  You are supposed to wear a mask into the restaurant or bar, then, after you are seated, you can remove your mask.  If you get up to use the restroom, you are supposed to put the mask back on.  I will admit, that sometimes I have forgotten to do that.  It's also a bit weird that when I do, I feel kind of bad.  Like "uh oh, I forgot my mask".  But just like most people, I'm ready for this to be over.  But I do still follow the "rules". Here's the reason- I don't want to be the reason they get shut down for not adhering to the mandate that is still in effect.

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We were out on Saturday night, and after dinner, we did go to another place to get a couple of drinks.  This place even has a sign that states that you are to wear your mask until your drink arrives.  No one really does, at least not that I saw.  But generally people would wear them until they got to their table.  That is, until around 9ish, when some younger, college age people got there. All bets are off then!  The people who worked there were all masked up.  But many of the people, standing there waiting for a drink at the bar, were not.  Are you even allowed to be standing at the bar waiting for a drink? Not sure on the restriction there. But I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to be in a big group, unmasked standing there waiting for a drink.

When we left, we drove past another bar where there was a big line outside the bar waiting to get in.  I'm guessing that was because of capacity restrictions.  All standing outside in a big group that was probably about a half a block long, talking, laughing, having "normal" fun.  I'm telling, ya, that this point, it looks odd after what we have all been through this past year.

Here's my concern... I'm worried that the health dept will show up, see this happening and close down those places.  No one wants that again.  There have been a couple of places in the area who have chosen to close for a couple weeks because of staff members testing positive.  That takes money away from the owners and the staff members.  No bueno!

I, as much as anyone else, would like to ditch the masks.  It's annoying, let's be honest.  But I certainly don't want these places to be shut down for any amount of time again.  Maybe we should adhere to the mandate until we get the OK not to?  Maybe be considerate of the business and think about what COULD happen?  Keep the economy open.  A mask isn't that big of a deal in the big picture if we get to keep these businesses open, right?

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