So, I heard about this a few days ago, and I didn't think too much of it... then I see it has made national news on a few different forums.

Our birds are drunk.  Here's the deal.  The early frost in Northern Minnesota has caused the berries to ferment early.  Usually the birds have already flown South for the Winter and don't have this issue.  But since we had the early frost, they are still here and eating the fermented berries.  They have been flying around erratically, flying into windows of buildings and cars (however I've seen this before and they weren't drunk then) and walking on the ground falling over and so forth.  Much like any of us on any given weekend.


One bird was even captured and put into a safe little place so he could basically just sleep it off.

They even have a cute little name for it... "berry benders".  Is anyone else thinking maybe we should try the fermented berries?  Does it work for people?  This could be a thing.

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