When I saw this I thought "really?" A tour of CATS??  Seriously?  I mean, don't get me wrong, I like cats as much as some other cat people.  Ok, maybe not as much as some cat people, but I definitely don't hate cats like I have heard some people say they do. But I wouldn't classify myself as a "cat person".  They can be cuddly, and they will provide companionship, but let's be honest... it's generally on their terms.  Not like a dog who will generally give unconditional love, and it's obvious.  Cats love their owners too, but it's not the same.

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Whether you are a cat person or not, would you participate in a "Cat in Windows" tour?  I can't be the only person who thinks this is weird.  People in a historic Minneapolis neighborhood walk around from house to house and look at different cats in ther window.  Sometimes the owners of these cats will come outside and let people pet the animals.  On the upside, the neighborhood is a historic one, so it could be interesting to check out the architechture.  But I can't get past the fact that there were at least 300 people who were willing to walk around and look at cats in windows.

This is an annual event organized by a guy named John Edward.  He talked to Fox 9 News and said he was so happy to do this in person again this year as last year was virtual and no one really watched it.  But this year was a success.

Maybe I'm missing out.

Missed it this year?  There's always next year.  Cat people unite!  Again, I like cats.. I'm just thinking this is a bit much.  But if you like this kind of thing... here ya go! Wedge Cat Tour is on it's 5th year run.

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