In case you missed the big day Tuesday, National Pancake Day that is, no need to panic. IHOP is giving you a chance to get sticky at a later date.

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Back in 2006. IHOP buddied up with Children's Miracle Network to serve up a short stake of pancakes absolutely free on National Pancake Day (Feb 16th). Well, like a lot of things the past year, IHOP was unable to do their free pancake thing on National Pancake Day.

But never fear, IHOP has come up with a solution that will still get you a short stack of free pancakes at a later date.  National Pancake Day has always been one of the busiest, if not the busiest days of the year for the restaurant.

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Free flapjacks sounds like pretty good to me. Here's what you need to do to cash in on your free stack of cakes. First of all, you need to be a member of the MyHop Club by the end of March. When you join you'll get an IOU good for a free stack of pancakes at IHOP.  You can join MyHop here

You then have the whole month of April to cash in on your free short stack of IHOP pancakes.  IHOP President Jay Johns adds this;

"Rather than cancel the day completely during a time when everyone could use a little hoppiness, we decided to flip the day to a month-long event to give everyone the flexibility to enjoy a free Short Stack whenever they would like, while also supporting our national charity partner Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals." ~ IHOP President, Jay Johns

So get yourself signed up to MyHop and enjoy.  A pancake IOU is as good as gold in my book.

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