I remember years ago, listening to the song "Upper Mississippi Shakedown".

It was a staple of any festival, event or just hanging out anywhere remotely close to the Mississippi River.

The band that sang that song... Lamont Cranston and their leader Pat Hayes won several awards at the Minnesota Music Awards in 1982.  Prince was up for several awards as well.  The Cranstons won almost all of them...Prince won Musician of the Year.  Afterward Hayes said something to Prince.

I'll be honest, that does sound slightly condescending.  I can't really blame Prince for just rolling his eyes at Hayes.

PHOTO: Kelly Shears Courtesy of Rico Anderson

The people, musicians and shows that Lamont Cranston and Pat Hayes have performed with, met and toured with is pretty impressive.  It varies from Mick Jagger and the Stones, Bob Dylan, The Blues Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, Muddy Waters, and more.

PHOTO: Kelly Shears courtesy Rico Anderson

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