Gas tax.  Supposedly the revenue generated from the tax is to go towards road improvements in Minnesota.  But, with the addition of super economical cars such as hybrids and electric cars, people are just not buying as much gas as they were in the past.  So, the revenue generated from the tax isn't really providing enough to do everything that needs to be done to make sure that our roads are staying in good shape.

So, one lawmaker has a solution.  He would like to propose a program where you actually pay per the amount of driving that you do on the roads.  Essentially, the more you drive, the more tax you would pay.  Seems logical, right?

The question I have is how would you know for sure that the mileage is accurate?  Is the driver entering the mileage?  There is another tracker as well that involves a smart phone app and an actual tracker that is inserted in your car.  But one would still think that there is a way to beat that one to avoid paying what you are supposed to pay, right?

For now- we will still just pay the tax per gallon at the pump.

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