I saw this story last night and was actually surprised by the outcome.  But there is a good reason for it.. .hackers cannot get your credit card information off your phone.  Crazy, right?

It doesn't matter what type of phone payment you use...whether it's Apple, Google or Samsung Pay, you just wave your phone over the scanner, and it's good to go.  When you download the app, you do have to enter the credit card information, but that's the last time that information is available.  The merchant doesn't even see the information.  They just see that it was paid for, and it's all good to go.  That is why it's more secure than a credit card.

The cynic in me says ... yeah, it's more secure.. now.  I feel like eventually they will figure out a way around this little deal.  Remember just recently when they said that the chip readers were more secure?  Now look. It might be more secure than before, but they found a way around that too. Maybe just using cash is the best way.


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