It's that time again... Friday.  Johnny U and his lame jokes.  He was here and they were, of course, lame.  First joke was about a dude who needed a push.  You will find out what kind of push when you listen to the joke.  The second one is about "how many" like how many people you've been with in your lifetime.  By the way, don't tell your wife that or this will happen....

See?  Wasn't the same "push" you thought it was, huh?  And the crickets were late and sleeping because the joke was that lame.  And how 'bout that question about the number of people he's been with?  That can't have gone over too well, either. So, just a word of advice... don't do that.

Oh, and just an observation, is it just me or is Johnny wearing the same thing for the last 3 weeks?  Seriously... look at the last 3 weeks of videos.  He is wearing the same pullover.  Must be his "Friday" outfit.

Until next week- Cheers!

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