Tonight we feature,"Unskinny Bop" a song that has really no meaning per  C.C. DeVille (guitar).


DeVille wrote the music and used the phrase as a placeholder for the words and Bret Michaels would write. Producer Bruce Fairbairn heard the phrase, he thought it was perfect for the song,  of course had no idea what it meant.

The there's the 2002 Poison album 'Hollyweird', there's a song called "Home (Bret's Story)," where Michaels sings: "I eat dinner with Nick Cage and Charlie Sheen, Nick asks me what the hell 'Unskinny Bop' means, it's slang for CC sexual activity with a porno queen." (thanks, Jeff - Milton, Canada)
It was released on the album, 'Flesh and Blood" and reached #3 on Billboard Hot 100.
  It's also featured on the video games Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and Rock Bands3 (that can be downloaded).

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