There are some things you really don't want to go without. Toilet paper would be one of those things at the top of the list.


With the shortage of toilet paper in area stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some people may be feeling a little desperate as they run short.


According to the Stearns County Sheriff's Dept, they responded to a destruction of property call at Quarry Park on March 23rd. They found someone had not only stolen the toilet paper from a restroom, but they actually ripped the entire dispenser off the wall.

"Apparently, someone was really in need of a small supply of toilet paper and couldn’t locate any," officials wrote. "Certainly, we’ve all experienced a bathroom emergency, but this seems a bit much."


What I don't get is, is there any crappier (sorry) toilet paper than the stuff you find in a public restroom?  My wife always says that one can try to save money on a lot of products but toilet paper, you have to go top shelf.


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