I for one am hoping this happens. Being as I stay in St Cloud 5 days a week and hate cooking for one, this will be a welcome change to my weekly dining habit.

Burger King Parent Restaurants International Acquires Popeyes For $1.8 Billion
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If my wife could see what food I consume while I'm away all week she'd be wise to take out some insurance policies.

A typical week I will most likely be going through the drive thru at any one of these places. Culvers's has a cod dinner that comes with 2 sides. One of my favorites. Sometimes, I'll wander over to Dairy Queen for their chicken strip basket. Twice a week it's gotta be Subway for turkey on white and when i need something substantial, I head to Cashwise for their chicken dinner from the deli. BTW, they raised the price on this and I may have to find a replacement for my chicken fix.

And just like that, Popeye's Chicken looks like it's coming to town. I've never been a KFC fan and while living in Florida, I learned to appreciate Popeye's.

So let;s hope this deal comes to life and we can all enjoy Popeye's Chicken like the rest of the civilized world. Now we just need a Sonic Drive In.


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