This has been one of the most volatile elections and election season that I can remember.  And I've seen all over social media, as I'm sure most others have as well, that people have anxiety over this.  Whether you are for or against our current president, there has been anxiety over what is going to happen with the outcome of this election.  And it looks like we might not have a clear answer until later this week.  That brings it's own issues.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Here's the thing.  If you voted for the person or people that you want to win whatever election, then you have done your part.  That's it.  You can't do anything more.  So, try and let it go.  But, how do you do that when you are so interested in what happens?  Turn off all of your devices for a time.  Life will go on, the results will come in, and it won't change by watching it go by.  That just adds stress depending on what is happening in the election that you are interested in.

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Another thing is to not just turn off your devices and avoid social media for a bit, but just back away slowly  from the TV as well.  If things are not going your way, it just adds to the stress.  So, maybe hang with the family, friends, go get a beer, work on a project, anything to keep your mind from thinking about the election and the fact that you can do nothing at this point.  Whatever happens, happens.  It's over.  And in some part, whichever way it turns out, is kind of a de-stress right there.  No more wondering and worrying.  Done.

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