These are the kind of stories that really pull at my heart strings.  And it also begs the question if this was deliberate or was it an accident?  If it was deliberate, that person really needs to be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Via Instagram Secondhand Hounds
Via Instagram Secondhand Hounds

This arrow was positioned so far into this dog's head that it almost looked like a pen or something that would have been a whole lot shorter than the arrow that it turned out to be.  I also am wondering how in the world this poor little pup survived this.  It's kind of a miracle.

This "accident" happened in Kentucky, it wasn't here in Minnesota, but the vet there said that trying to remove the arrow was "above his pay grade".  So, through Secondhand Hounds, the dog made it's way to Minnesota for help. The dog, now named Eros, underwent a 5 hour long surgery at the University of Minnesota.

"When we did get the arrow out it was clear that this was probably a deer hunting arrow. The fact that it was shot at close range right between his eyes means it was most likely intentional," a spokesperson for Secondhand Hounds said in an update.

This type of surgery was extensive, which I'm sure you can imagine since it took 5 hours.  The cost for something like this is around $6,000.  Secondhand Hounds is looking for donations.  If you feel that you can, and you would like to donate you can do that through their website.  

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Eros is recovering with a foster family.  We all wish the poor dog the best, and hopefully Eros will find a forever family home.

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