This is such a weird time.  People want some time off, generally, but usually you are able to go out and shop, or see people, or just get some things done.  Right now, you can't do most of those things.  So, what's to do?

Bored Teen

We had a lot of house projects that were being put off.  So, we've been trying to tackle some of those things.  Amazing how it doesn't really seem to take up that much time, when I thought I didn't have time to do something when actually, I probably did.

Once those projects are done... what's to do?

People with kids- what are you doing to keep them occupied?  Can't go to the playground right now.  Everyone needs to basically stay home... how are you keeping them entertained?  How are you keeping fit and not letting what I call The COVID- 19 (like the freshman 15) happen?

We are all in the same boat... so, whatcha doing?

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