I'm sure you have noticed that every so often when you are driving along, whether it's on the interstate, parking lot, just a regular road in town, or out of town, whatever... you see just random stuff.  Like this shoe.

Laura Bradshaw 1037theloon.com
Laura Bradshaw

How does one lose just one shoe?  I could see if it happened just here and there, but I have seen a lot of these.  It's strange.  Could think that it's from a move, or just fell out of the car, or a bag of clothes, or some thing along those lines.  But that often?  And it's never anything more than just one shoe.  Like if something was to fall out from moving or something, you would think that there would be more.  Like other items.  Just one shoe.  That's all it ever is.

Maybe we should start a collection of one shoes- like a lost and found for "highway or road" shoes.  I'm sure there would be people who would use the service.  Ha!

So weird.


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