I ran across this last night.  Hilarious.  It's actually written by someone from Michigan, but it fits all of the Midwest, and most of Minnesota.  I have seen shirts that say "Minne-sorta-nice" and I can agree with that sometimes.  But there are things that most of us do... like the tweet that says that if we have the window seat on an airline, we will hold our business until we land because we don't want to put anyone out.  Or- apologize over and over as we "sneak" by ya.  It's funny because it's true.

woman thinking

Some of these have been overly used... like how we have the loooong good-byes in the driveway, or in the vestibule with our hand on the door-handle.  It happens especially at family gatherings.  I try and get out of those as soon as possible.  Most times without saying good-bye, like just kind of skate out unnoticed.  Not really, but kind of...

See if you relate... I'm sure you will... ya, you betcha!

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