Now that we have gotten through the Benton County Fair... and with that, I cannot believe it is already that time in the summer.. but here it is ,just a couple weeks away from the Minnesota State Fair- the great Minnesota get together.

(Photo: Joe Bielawa for Townsquare Media St. Cloud)

As I was looking at the Grandstand shows... and there are a lot of good ones this year, the ones I was interested in are, of course, sold out.  So, now I am looking at the free shows that they have on the Leinies stage, and some others.  There are actually some pretty decent things to see that are free at the fair.  Granted, you need to be able to get to the fair generally during the day to see a lot of them, but if you look at the schedule and just plan to take a day off from work... could be very entertaining.  Plus, the crowd might not be quite as bad as it probably would be on the weekends.

Minnesota State Fair

Even though I'm not going to be able to see the Grandstand shows, I may sit outside the grandstand and listen.  That's always fun too... so what if you cannot see them.  Yes, that would be better, but I'm ok with most of that.. you can still see a ton of live shows with great music on many of the other stages throughout the fairgrounds.  Just pay attention to what you are interested in, and hit up a show.  By the way, C Willi Myles is going to be doing one of the shows too... gotta check out the schedule!  


See ya at the fair!!