I learned something about myself yesterday and I need to figure out if this is bad or not.

I was driving home from work last night and as I was waiting to get on the highway, I saw a duck on the side of the road trying to cross. Some people were slowing down but others were just whizzing by. I was screaming hysterically in my car, "Slow down you a$$holes!" I think if I had seen anything happen to that duck, I would have cried for days. Anyway, duck crisis was soon over, he made in across just fine and I was on my way home.

About five miles later, I see a guy biking on the side of the highway. Again, cars speeding by but this time I found myself thinking, "Really asswipe? You couldn't find anywhere better to bike than a highway? I wish someone would clip this son of a bitch and teach him a lesson."

You get my point, right? So again I have to ask...is this bad?

On a side note, Happy Birthday to my mentee today. I only had to pull her head out of her ass once this year.


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