Back before the whole COVID-19 thing hit, we were talking about how cool these igloo things were for dining out when it's Winter, and cold, and you still want to dine outside.  It was an event that was set up in the North Loop in Minneapolis.  Temporarily.  Maybe it should be a bit more permanent in a sort of temporary way?

Facebook- Event: Winter Patio Dome Experience
Facebook- Event: Winter Patio Dome Experience

But now, with the whole social distance thing, this might be the way to go with restaurant dining... on the regular.  I know it seems like it's a bit much, but let's get real, do you really thing everything is going to go back to normal any time soon?  So, if this is what needs to happen to dine out, well, maybe it's worth a lookie.

This restaurant in Amsterdam is doing just that.

They made these little greenhouse looking things for social distance dining.  Granted, it might take some work to make happen and it might be a pain at first, but on the other hand, it's intimate, and really kind of a cool idea.  We thought it was a great idea when it came to dining in the Winter outside, why not something like this?

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The first time I saw these things was when I lived in in Minnesota.  There is a restaurant that has rooftop dining, and they do these cool igloos during the Winter so you can still take in the skyline and stay warm while dining outside in the Winter.  Now, it's become an idea that would work now too, possibly.  The only real issue I see is the heat factor in the summer.  How would you keep these things cool?  Although maybe you could keep the top open?  Just an idea.

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