What could be better?  You get to rent out your favorite bar in Central Minnesota for Valentine's Day and you aren't paying for it!  The whole bar has been reserved just for the two of you. Awesome, right?

Couples Get Married In Group Ceremony On Valentine's Day
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Miller High Life is giving someone this chance.  But act fast, because you need to have your entry in this weekend.  Just think about how cool it would be to be in your favorite neighborhood bar, and it's all for you! Plus, not only will you get Miller High Life, obviously, but you get some other perks too.

 Miller High Life will even provide endless peanuts, popcorn, and bar food (in heart shapes, of course), along with some premium Wisconsin bratwurst, and other "charcuterie" for the bar to serve the couple. Oh, and they'll even provide some candlelight for ambiance — and plenty of High Life.

How do you enter?  It's pretty easy.  Just submit a story about you and your Valentine.  The entry needs to be 150 words or less, include a photo of the two of  you and send it to the beer company as the "dive bar love story" to  DiveBarLovers@promo.millerhighlife.com. This event will actually happen after Valentine's Day, as they are taking entries up through the 14th.  Winner will be picked this coming Monday, February 15th.

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One thing to remember, coupled do have to be of legal drinking age, so 21 or over.  You will need to provide an ID and you do need to be available for the "date night" sometime in February.  But that seems mostly like a "given".

In case you don't win, they also included some Valentine's Day gift guide to help you out.

Good Luck!

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