One new thing you get to learn today is  that games can expire just like bread, milk and sex after marriage. In a pop-up alert, the Rock Band game for iOS systems is telling players that it’s going away come May 31. There’s no explanation given, but at least the message is kind enough to thank us for rocking out with it.

The report comes from Rock Band Aide, which says the publisher and developer have yet to explain this strange phenomenon. We’re wondering what exactly the game will do to zap itself away. . Will its icon just vanish off the screen? That would be a pretty insane trick. If so, we hope it does so in a farewell fireworks display.

Joystiq reminds us that the newer Rock Band Reloaded hasn’t been hit with a similar message, so hopefully that one will stick around for a while.

Neither publisher EA nor developer Harmonix is saying why the game is leaving. Wherever it goes, we hope it still thinks of us. We will still think about it, and all the hours spent jamming and fantasizing about a life filled with “sex, drugs and rock and roll.”

In the meantime, we’ll just keep dreaming about that sex part.