As heard on the November 17th show:


1. Student Has Sex with Sheep to Blow Off Test Stress

College can be extremely stressful.  The homework is harder.  You have to make your own schedule.  The writing of paragraphs turned into pages long essays and the tests can make or break your grades.  Who hasn't blown off a little stress here and there. This isn't a recommended method.





2. Men Better at Directions Than Women

According to a new study done by researchers from the University of Utah, who went to remote tribes in Africa and had dozens of people try to navigate with maps for the first time ever.  Although men performed better than women with the maps, men are still horrible when it comes to asking for directions.





 3. Peanut Butter Diamonds???

Wait.  You can make diamonds from squeezing peanut butter?  Start squeezing. We're rich!  Except for that whole 2,000 degrees thing.





 4. Guy Tries to Vacuum Fart, Ends Up in Hospital

This story comes from Reddit, so consider the source, but it's so bizarre that we just had to share.  A guy claims he was cleaning the house while his girlfriend was gone and was having bad gas, so he thought of the brilliant idea of vacuuming his farts so the house wouldn't smell.  Apparently the pressure of the fart and the suction of the vacuum caused his large intestine to fall out of his ass.  OUCH.





 5. Old E.T. Video Games Bring in $37,000

The legend of all those E.T. video games being dumped into a landfill ended up being true, which we all found out months ago when a group organized a dig to unearth them. Surprisingly, as terrible as that game is, the dig brought in $37,000 on eBay.





 6. Getting to Know Numbnutz

Jesse & Lucy go head-to-head to see who has intern Numbnutz pegged.  What kind of snacks does he crave? What utensil would he use if he could only use one? Listen to find out.



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