As heard on the October 1st show:


1. The Power of Poo

America could be powering 1.1 million homes with the animal manure we're producing.  Who knew we could put all that bull-sh*t to good use?



A Local Farmer Chimes In





2. Ebola Stars in "Coming to America"

Well, technically, Ebola is already here.  Don't panic!  Wash your hands and get ready for extreme paranoia to set in.





3. Gestations, the Bar for Pregnant Women

Or is it?  People are freakin' over what a billboard in New York City claims to be the first bar for pregnant women.  Do you think it's a practical joke or someone's shallow idea of clever marketing?






4. Books vs. Video Games

Given the option between the two, what would you rather spend your time on?  Reading a book or playing a video game?





5. Selfie Taking Drone Bracelet Camera

Sure, seems harmless now, but drones could be the beginning of the end.  It starts with harmless picture taking drones and comes to a head with the terminator.  Mark our words.