What has 8 legs, over 50 and still packs venues whenever they perform? Well, that would be The Rolling Stones, of course.


Think of it, these guys are 71 to 77 years old. It always makes me wonder how none of these guys ever lost their hair or got pudgy like most mortal men. Maybe they aren't mortal, after all.

I remember as a kid, watching The Rolling Stones' first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in the mid 60's. I'll never forget my dad saying "What a bunch of bums. They'll never go anywhere". I loved ribbing my dad for many years after, telling him they were all mega millionaires and selling out stadiums all over the world.

Well, the rumor is, they are planning another tour. this one could be the final tour in a career that has lasted over 50 years. The Rolling Stones have to be the most successful and enduring rock band ever..

Sure hope they make a stop nearby.



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