I've noticed in the past year that it seems people are driving a lot faster on the highways. I spend a several hours a week traveling on I-94.  I try keep it under 80, just barely, and cars just blow by me. Some have to be doing at least 95 MPH on an interstate highway where the speed limit is 70.

Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook
Minnesota State Patrol/Facebook

Last week, police stopped a Dodge Durango a little before 11 AM on Highway 169 in Elk River.  The Durango was clocked at 98 MPH in a 65 MPH zone.

The driver claimed he was late for a10 AM appointment was “just trying to make up some time,” according to the police report.  Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz said the unidentified driver was cited for speeding.

I always thought that if you were caught going that much over the limit, you'd be cited for reckless driving but I guess that's not the case.

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He wasn't the only speed freak that day in Elk River.  About 20 minutes later a woman driving a KIA was pulled over for going 91 MPH in a 65 MPH zone, also in Highway 169.

The 21 year old woman driving the KIA is a Otsego resident and told police that she was speeding because she was late for work.  That same day a number of other drivers were sighted for speeds over 80 MPH on Highway 169 and Highway 10.

I'm starting to think that the speed enforcement campaign in Minnesota is concentrating mostly between St Cloud and the Cities. I travel back and forth from St Cloud to Fargo every weekend and rarely see any State Patrol on my journeys.

Personally, I think 80 MPH on the Interstate highways is a good speed and as long as the flow of traffic is pretty close to that anyway, why not raise the limit?


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