Sartell for quite awhile has been hinting at a big announcement of a business development along Highway 15 and County Road 1 (River Road).  Sartell Mayor Ryan Fitzthum says they still cannot officially announce all the details of the expected restaurant and retail additions on the west side of Highway 15 at river crossing and county road 1.  Fitzthum says there is room for multiple restaurants and retail and possibly some housing.  He says Mister Car Wash has already announced plans to be apart of this development.  Fitzthum says he expects work to pick up on the property as soon as the weather accommodates.

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Mayor Fitzthum also discussed the upcoming road work to be done on County Road 1 (River Road).  He says as soon as the weather permits road work is expected to begin. Fitzthum says this is a joint project with the city of Sartell and Stearns County.  He says the other equally disruptive road project is their 19th avenue project they will run from county road 133 to county road 4.  Fitzthum says this is also known as Kremer Hill.  He says this stretch of road will undergo a complete reconstruct with a bike path.  He says with these two projects being north/south bound roads that will put more pressure on Pine Cone road this summer.

Sartell Mayor Ryan Fitzthum joins me monthly on WJON the last Wednesday of each month at 8:15 a.m.  If you'd like to listen to this month's conversation it is available below.



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