This is one of the best feel good stories that I have heard about.

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You know when you have been out somewhere for a day or two and haven't been able to get a shower, you're hot, sweaty and all you really want to do is to take that shower and you feel so much better afterwards?  Imagine if that was your life.  Homeless.

There is a couple in Sauk Rapids that has a mobile shower unit.  And that is what they do... give the homeless a place to shower.

What started out as a free laundry event with Kipps Laundry, Nancy Dyson, president to the non-profit Neighbors to Friends, along with her husband, Jason, decided to go a step further.

No, it might not solve the homeless issue... but it's definitely a step in the right direction.


There are some really good people in this community.  Hats off to you, Nancy and Jason.

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