Recently MSP airport announced that they will have some security delays due to staffing issues while they do some remodeling.  The airport advises that passengers should expect longer lines and prepare for that as they travel, and this could go on through December.  TSA precheck and airport employees will use the South checkpoint and everyone else will use the North security checkpoint.


Senator Klobuchar made a statement saying that this is basically unacceptable:

“It is simply unacceptable that TSA staffing at MSP has decreased while passenger traffic has increased,” Klobuchar said in a written statement. “It is critical that officials do everything possible to mitigate the impact on wait times caused by this construction, particularly as MSP has seen the numbers of passengers at the airport increase. This is one of the reasons I previously wrote to TSA Administrator David Pekoske urging him to increase staffing at MSP to address recent increases in wait times at checkpoints, and why I am renewing my call for TSA to act.”

I have to agree.   If you know this is coming, and you are doing the remodel and expansion to take care of the increased passenger load, why wouldn't you hire more staff to alleviate some of the problem?  Plan ahead.  Good grief!

Hopefully they listen to what she is saying, especially ahead of the holiday travel that is coming oh so quickly.

Happy travels!