Central  Minnesotans  have been doing a lot of shopping on Amazon.  I see evidence of that from all of the boxes on the steps of my neighbor's houses. And with that, there may be some thoughts of "why not buy local", "why aren't you supporting local businesses"? And there is also a bit of staying home as much as possible with some people.  Whatever the reasoning  is, it's obvious that people have been doing a lot of shopping online and on Amazon.

PHOTO: Mathieu Turle Unsplash.com
PHOTO: Mathieu Turle @nbmat

But, there is another branch of Amazon.  It still uses your  same membership, it's just a little different login.  It's Amazon Smile and the site is smile.amazon.com.  This will bring you to the same products that you normally shop for on the website, but it gives a charitable element to it.

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Through this branch of Amazon, you can choose the charity that you would like donate to.  There is a list of categories to choose from to get to your favorite charity.  You will also be able to make the choice to give to a local branch of  whatever charity you are looking at.  Example would be the Humane Society.  There is a national branch, but you can also choose to give the the Tri-County Humane Society.  It's up to you.  And the cool thing is that this happens  automatically.

I know that the 0.5% might not seem like a whole lot, but it really does add up when a lot of people are doing this.  And think about all of the people using Amazon.  If everyone did this, it would really be significant.  So the next time you shop Amazon, think about going an extra step, and shop Amazon Smile.

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