I am to the point where I really don't welcome change. i have my places to do business and I leave it at that and get along just fine.

That is until, someone throws a wrench into it all. I swear, I've had 5 or 6 different primary physicians in the last 4 years.and now my pharmacy I do all my business at is closing down.

I've been using Shopko Pharmacy for years. Mostly because it's close to work and an easy stop to pick up meds. Also, There never seemed to be any kind of wait, so I was in and out in minutes. For all I know, I was their only customer, but I doubt it.

The staff at Shopko Pharmacy was always very helpful and, like I mentioned, there was never a wait. Perhaps that's the problem. Just not enough business? I don't know.


So, the Shopko East Pharmacy will be shutting down effective Jan. 2nd.  I did ask if there would be a big going out of business sale on drugs. I guess not but it was worth a shot.



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